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Nov 20 2017
Life Insurance – Increasing Unemployment Fuels Uptake in Income Protection

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Life Insurance – Increasing Unemployment Fuels Uptake in Income Protection
The impending recession and economic crisis in the UK is set to see unemployment increase exponentially and many workers will seek out life insurance and income protection plans to help safeguard themselves if the worst should happen.
According to a report on This is Money, the unemployment levels in the UK have shown their sharpest increase in any point in the last 17 years with some 1.79 million now classified as unemployed. This is a problem that may well intensify in the UK with a recession looming large and thousands of workers are set to seek an income protection and life insurance policies in 2018 that can help lessen the impact of redundancy and unemployment should they suffer the misfortune of encountering these problems. An income protection or life insurance policy is often considered an extremely prudent decision because it will, depending on the stipulations of the policy in question, safeguard an individual’s income should they find themselves suddenly out of work; whether this be through an unexpected illness or as a result of redundancy, which is looking increasingly likely for thousands of workers in the current economic climate. The tumultuous nature of the UK economy has made many workers minds turn to income protection and it is always a good idea to have something in place should you find your capacity to work diminished through illness or change in circumstance.
Income Protection – Securing your Financial Future
It can be highly stressful to be in a role that has little job security and it is something that is increasingly in the public eye at present given the current state of the economy. As such, it is little wonder that so many workers are beginning to look into an income protection scheme that will help them ensure their financial security should they suddenly find themselves out of work. It is an unfortunate consequence of recession that many workers will inevitably be made redundant but there are steps which can be taken to help safeguard income, in the form of income protection policies which help thousands of families find their feet after experiencing an unexpected loss of income.
Life Insurance – Providing Income Protection for those who need it most
Income protection and life insurance schemes are an efficient means of helping a family to cope if the main breadwinner is no longer capable of earning and their income will be protected for the designated period of time if this is the case. It is important to discuss your requirements with life insurance and income protection providers in order to ensure that you opt for a policy that is applicable to your needs.
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