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Jan 26 2016
Life Insurance – The WholeTruth

Posted by Ian Johnston

Life Insurance – The Truth and Nothing but the Truth

Life insurance can give you peace of mind for income protection, ensuring loved ones are looked after. Just remember the best policy is honesty.

Telling little white lies on your life insurance policy simply won’t wash. Getting your life insurance policy right from the outset can minimise the risk of heart ache for your loved ones later. It’s a truth nobody likes to face up to, but accidents and death happen; illness can strike at any age. But the fact that people will do extreme things for money means the insurance industry has to be wary. The fact John Darwin’s policy paid out, despite getting caught out later, shows that insurers can end up being dragged into illegal scams and faked deaths. But for many in truly tragic circumstances, life insurance can be crucial.

Income Protection: Life Insurance

You can enhance your policy with critical illness cover – if you contract a fatal cancer or illness, you’ll know you, or your loved ones, won’t have to worry about money. But there have been high profile stories in the press outlining tragic incidents where insurance companies didn’t pay out. A typical tragic story is that of a man who lost his wife in a car accident, the driver going the wrong way down an A road. It should be a clear cut case, but the insurance industry is a defensive one. The man was left struggling to care for their baby and his grief, and yet his life insurance company initially refused to pay the £200,000 sum. The confusion lay around his wife’s medical records which stated she smoked, her life insurance policy said she didn’t. The insurance company eventually paid half the sum.

Income Protection: Honesty is the Best Policy

Being honest when it comes to taking out life insurance is crucial. Smoking is a tricky area – you either do or don’t smoke, but any smoker will tell you, you can quit but soon give in to the urges and start again. You may have the best intentions, but being truthful on your application form to your vices is clearly crucial. If you are taking out a life insurance policy, it can literally save you from financial ruin if you do lose a partner or relative who you depend on financially. But it’s crucial you look at your policy carefully to check you are aware of what it covers and that you are aware of the information you need to honestly provide; deliberately downplaying how much you smoke, drink or weigh to try and achieve a cheaper premium can end up costing you dearly when it comes to life insurance. Income protection life insurance can be jeopardized if you make an honest mistake or omission about a health problem or surgical procedure; something that might seem minor to you, your insurance company could take issue with. There have a few tragic stories in the press such as a woman, she was refused life insurance after being left unable to work after a heart attack aged 36 – the fact she didn’t declare her depression suffered within two years of taking out life insurance invalidated her contract.

So if you are taking out life insurance, or you already have insurance, make sure your contract is honest, up-to-date and that you are aware of what it covers and what it doesn’t.

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