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Accident and Sickness Insurance

If you ever found yourself in the position where you couldn’t work due to sickness or injury, accident and sickness cover would be able to provide you with a non-taxable monthly income.

Accident and Sickness Insurance
Accident and sickness insurance policies are, in reality, short term income protection or income replacement policies, which can cover unemployment as an option.

In our experience we have found that many of those involved with high-risk occupations are more concerned about the possibility of having an accident than being incapacitated due to sickness. This is particularly the case with self-employed individuals who often end up working when ill because their livelihood is at stake. We can offer a Personal Accident Plan for those that require a lump sum to get them over a short term accident.

We can find insurance for lots of self employed tradesmen such as physiotherapists, manicurists, plasterers, electricians, joiners, plumbers, painters and decorators, builders, personal trainers, hairdressers and many more occupations, if you are unsure if you can be insured please call us on 0845 053 3404 or fill in the enquiry form.

At The Insurance Service, we offer a wide range of accident & sickness policies to meet the needs of all our customers. These policies are particularly favourable when compared with similar products offered by our competitors.

Indeed, some accident & sickness  policies stop paying out after 26 or 52 weeks. However, we can provide insurance that will continue to pay out for anything from 12 months up to five years. We also offer cover from up to 50 per cent of your salary to 70 per cent. You can even get optional lump sum cover for accidental injury or death and if you want unemployment cover, this can be added too. The payments can also start after 14 days of absence ,if you wish. This will stop you digging in to your savings and enable you to pay your bills.

With so many possibilities, the final decision is up to you.

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