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Critical Illness Cover

Nobody can be sure if and when they will be diagnosed with a critical illness, so critical illness insurance is there to provide help to you and your family if the worst should ever happen.

As more and more people are surviving critical illnesses than ever before, it is no wonder that this type of policy is now being widely taken out across Europe. A life policy will pay out if you die. A private health policy should get you treated immediately. However, neither pays your mortgage or replaces your salary if you should suffer a critical illness and survive.

These policies are not related to any form of treatment. Nor do they pay directly for any treatment. They just pay out a certain sum of money if you are diagnosed with a critical illness. You can spend the money how you choose.

Total permanent disability cover is often taken out with a critical illness policy – as the standard product only provides protection against certain illnesses.

One of the innovations with this policy is a move towards severity based payments and the ability to protect the sum assured by topping it up after a payout. This allows a number of payouts in the event of several illnesses and also gives the ability to still be insured after a claim.

If you have any questions about the policy and how it relates to your present circumstances, be sure to speak to one of our consultants for expert advice.

The three types of critical illness cover are as follows:

Critical Illness Cover

The traditional Critical Illness policy will pay out an assured sum in the event of a critical illness that meets the policy definition of that illness which may now exclude illnesses like silent heart attacks or mild melanomas. It is important to understand the definitions and plan accordingly. This policy will be slightly cheaper than comprehensive policies. This is usually one payout and the policy is finished.

Serious Illness Cover

This type of policy will pay out on severity of the illness you have contracted. For example a silent heart attack may payout 20% of your sum assured. The policy also has the ability to payout several times and also top up the policy to keep the policy to your maximum sum assured for up to 3 times. This policy will cover far more illnesses and also cover all areas of the body.

Guaranteed or Reviewable Premiums

Both policies maybe taken out under either a guaranteed premium or a reviewable premium.
A reviewable premium will start off cheaper and rise as you get older whereas a guaranteed premium will remain the same throughout the lifetime of the policy


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