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Income Protection Insurance

Income protection insurance is there to help pay your bills and allow you to maintain your standard of living if you should fall ill, have an accident, or ,optionally, become unemployed and not be able to work.

The income protection insurance policy is intended to provide you with a monthly sum of money while you are unable to work due to accident, sickness or, optionally, involuntary redundancy (following the deferment period of between one day and 52 weeks). You pay a monthly premium and the income protection insurance policy will kick in should any of these circumstances happen – though you’ll need to know exactly what you are covered against.

If you choose to use our ‘request a quote’ service, this will give you a premium from a friendly (or mutual) society (a non-for-profit organisation and not a general insurer) because this policy will give a maximum of 70 per cent of your gross salary. This amount will vary from insurer to insurer, ranging from 50 per cent to a maximum of 70 per cent of your gross salary.

The friendly society policies remain ‘own occupation’ and have a claims acceptance rate of over 96 per cent, but do not support guaranteed premiums.

Where a guaranteed premium is preferred we have access to the whole of market and will get you the most appropriate quotation to meet your requirements.

A further consideration to be taken is, if you receive sick pay from your employer then there is no need to have income protection insurance for that period. For example if you receive sick pay for a period of 12 weeks then you need your income protection policy to kick in after that period. This will also reduce your premiums.

Trust us here at The Insurance Service to make everything clear to you from the outset. Our advisers are experienced in this specialist field and so will provide straightforward advice on the various options available.

We can also refer policyholders to a counselling service to help you get back to work as soon as you are able.


When taking an Income Protection policy out there are a few things to take into account.
1. Deferment period; the time before you receive any benefit.
2.Term; The length of time you can receive benefit. Can be anything from 1 year to retirement age,
3.Own occupation; meaning that if you could not fulfil the duties of your own occupation then you would not be forced to get any job


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