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Private Medical Insurance

Whether you suffer from long-term health issues and require regular treatment, or would just like to benefit from having access to professional medical care whenever you need it, private health insurance is available in a range of packages.

Private medical insurance is a lot more affordable these days and many people use it as a means of gaining immediate access to treatment, thus avoiding the NHS waiting lists and its complicated treatment system.

In terms of selecting a policy, there are generally three standard options available on the market, although you can choose to add extras if you so wish. Each type of health insurance policy may carry a level of excess from zero to £5,000. This is the amount you would have to pay as part of any claim, or per person per annum in the event of a claim. A higher excess amount would naturally mean a lower premium. To enable more people to access Private Medical Insurance, insurers have introduced a number of options that will reduce monthly premiums, such things as a 6 week option and as previously mentioned a range of excesses that all help to make Private Health Insurance affordable for all.The policy packages are as follow:


A budget Private Medical insurance package that only includes inpatient cover. This package will cover all inpatient treatment, drugs and surgery including rehabilitation costs.


This Medical Insurance package will cover all Inpatient cover as above but will also include limited outpatient cover. Usually limited to £1000 pa for outpatient treatment, minor GP surgery and limited physiotherapy,chiropractic or alternative medicines


Inpatient cover with full outpatient cover. This is a full refund Private Health Insurance package that will cover all aspects of inpatient and outpatient treatment. Usually carries optional travel insurance and use of new drugs and alternative treatments.


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